Production of copy of fine art materials

The Art Preservation Research Center (Center for Oriental Painting Department, Professor Shah Ha Soon) in the Plastic Research Institute of Art University is working on the production of copy materials for Kyujanggak. In this regard, the Oriental Painting Department of the College of Fine Arts and the Preservation Research Center for Art and Design Research Institute will hold domestic academic conferences in the middle of October this year. It is planned to make an academic presentation on the importance of copying and restoration of traditional paintings and studying and simulating the paintings of Kyujangguk paintings. Previously, the Art Preservation Research Center was selected as the final operator by submitting business proposals to the ‘Korean Painting Materials’ The professional manpower system centered on oriental paintings of the Seoul National University of Fine Arts, proximity to the on-campus workshop, use of almost the same materials and techniques as the original, and connection with research and education were among the main advantages of the Art Preservation Research Center.

written by jungmin.han
November 16, 2017