Department of Painting is currently organized into a four-year undergraduate program (BFA course), and two-year graduate programs (MFA course and DFA course). The goal of the faculty is to nurture expert, human resources within the art scene through the development of the individual talent of students as artists by means of a well-rounded art education. To this end, freshmen (first year undergraduate students) will be provided with basic courses, which focus on the synthetic combination of practice and theory programs involved with artistic expression through plastic and media practice. From sophomore to senior year, students will be given advanced courses that experiment and develop various means of expression with major studies appropriate for their levels. Students are expected to enhance their theoretical and critical point of views on broad visual art culture.

The Graduate school program specializes its faculty into two separate fields: painting and printmaking. In the field of painting, students are required to develop their capability to discuss and analyze various perspectives with a critical point of view, and to materialize the direction of their works throughout practical classes and seminars. Mean, the field of printmaking faculty provides its students more specialized experiments and studies on diverse types of printmaking, and supports its students to prepare unique and progressive outlines of their work by learning complex and expanded concepts of contemporary printmaking. 




- Basic drawing facility for freshmen students and liberal course students

- Studio spaces for students in second, third, fourth year courses and graduate course
- Printmaking studios including dark room, acid room, drawing room, and laser cutting room for
   undergraduate and graduate students
- Media archive lab equipped with various tools for video filming and presentation

- Media editing lab equipped with various tools for video editing and plentiful video references

- Tools and video equipments to be rented for students, such as machine tools, digital camera,
  video projector, camcorder, and laptop



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