Dean’s Message

Dean, College of Fine Arts,
Seoul National University
Seongheui Kim

Welcome to Seoul National University the College of Fine Arts.

The College of Fine Arts, which has been aiming for an elite education since its beginning as the Art Department of Seoul National University in August 1946, has become the cradle of the leading art scene, design industry, and academia. In this foundation, there have been efforts to pursue and practice the educational excellence to nurture talented future leaders who will lead the era as each era demands as it faces new changes.

Current education seeks creative talent who can insight and solve various situations and problems that humanity encounter in rapid development of science-technology and new ecological and social environment. Moreover, the ‘creativity’ and ‘communication’ that this era needs are also an important foundation of art.

For creativity, you need to have a keen sense and be able to ask questions without being bound by ideas. The ‘question’ based on a new perspective can also be called the beginning of art. However, it takes not only a lot of effort and courage, but also deep exploration of human history, society, and culture, understanding and experience of materials.

The College of Fine Arts belongs to a general university along with various academic and artistic fields such as humanities, society, nature, music, and engineering, which will broaden the depth and breadth of students’ senses and thoughts. In addition, the College of Fine Arts is focusing on education that can bring out students’ potential as much as possible by introducing various experiences for creative and critical perspectives and innovative attempts as art majors.To this end, the College of Fine Arts will further develop the educational system and methods that have implied human wisdom, promote new convergence courses and various communication education and methods including online methods, and expand educational programs for cooperation and sharing. The College of Fine Arts is actively opening it in the line of pioneering education, and I ask for your continuing attention and encouragement for the College of Fine Arts for its growth.

Thank you.