Integrated Creative Design

Integrated Creative Design The Integrated Creative Design program seeks to train creative human resources with integrated problem solving ability through multi-disciplinary fusion education in the field of design; the core of future knowledge- intensive higher value-added areas.

Established in 2009, the Integrated Creative Design program is currently co-run by the Department of Design College of Fine Arts), the Department of Business (College of Business and the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (College of Engineering) since its foundation and is also co-operated by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (College of Engineering, the Department of Consumer and Child Studies, and the Department of Clothing and Textiles (College of Human Ecology) since the spring semester of 2011.

This major provides its participants with team-teaching and teamwork programs, and an educational environment closely attached to industry in order to plan creative and innovative problem-solving processes while fortifying the ability to develop various business models.


In particular, since December 2009, the “Inter-Unified Design Educational Associates mainly propelled by the Department of Design at Seoul National University, was selected for the Fusion Design College Foster Project, run by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Korea Institute of Design Promotion.

This Integrated Creative Design Program arranges various benefits such as domestic and foreign internship programs, overseas training workshops, and scholarships for our student participants via government support.