Generation Z is coming: LG Electronics’ Industry-Academia Project for New Business Idea Discovery

Professor Eui-Chul Jung and Sang-eun Cho of Seoul National University, with Professor Seung-hun Yoo of Korea University, conducted an industry-academia program sponsored by LG Electronics to explore new business ideas from March to September 2019. A multi-disciplinary team consisting of university students from various specialties, including engineering, business administration, humanities, and design, participated in this idea discovery program, and it was an opportunity to explore design-based business ideas and experience the process of commercialization through collaboration with students with different backgrounds. On September 23, 2019, 120 LG Electronics executives and staff members, and 17 students from Seoul National University and 40 design students from Korea University attended the final demonstration day of the industry-academia project at the company’s Seocho R&D Center. During the morning session of the demo day, the presentation “LG according to Gen Xers” was held, followed in the afternoon by the final presentation of the “New Business Ideas” project, conducted at each university. Of the 12 projects presented, two of the five new business design items presented by Seoul National University students were honored with the first and second-place awards, according to the results of virtual funding by LG executives and staff members.

Project Title: 2019 Explore New Business Ideas(LG Electronics)

Project Period: 2019. 3 – 2019. 9

Supervised by: Prof. Eui-chul Jung, Sang-eun Cho

Participants: Gao, Huile(doctor’s course), Le Meile(doctor’s course), Kim, Kyung Min(master’s course), 16 students of class ‘Integrated design creative seminar’