HfG Offenbach Guest Lecture and Workshop

Visiting HfG Offenbach, Germany, from January 15th to 17th, Professor Eui-Chul Jung delivered a lecture about <Product considering UX> and Professor Sung Yun Jang proceeded a workshop on the subject <Flexibility> exploring object’s various user experience expansion.

Date and Time: 2019.01.15 (Tue), 2019.01.17 (Thur)
Place: HfG Offenbach
Participating Professors: Eui-Chul Jung, Sung Yun Jang
Participating Students: 20 HfG Offenbach Students, Joo Hong Park, Jun Hoo Yang, Ye Won Lee


HfG Offenbach, Germany2019-01-15 ~ 2019-01-17 written by ICRC
November 8, 2019