Aug. 22, 1946
Founded as the College of Arts(Division of Art, Division of Music) in Seoul National University in accordance with regulations for the establishment of Seoul National University. The Division of Art was comprised of the Department of Painting 1 (Oriental Painting), Department of Painting 2 (Western Painting), Department of Sculpture, and Department of Design.


Apr. 20, 1953
Reorganized as the College of Fine Arts of Seoul National University in compliance with the Presidential Decree No. 780 with the Department of Painting, Department of Sculpture, and Department of Applied Arts. Established the Middle School Teachers Training Center affiliated with SNU. On February 28, 1957, closed the SNU Middle School Teachers Training Center.

Feb. 28, 1957
Abolished the Affiliated Secondary School Teacher Training Center.

Oct. 10, 1960
Moved the Department of Aesthetics from the College of Fine Arts to the College of Liberal Arts and Science.

Feb. 27, 1961
Reinforced the educational system by establishing the Department of the Science of Art and affiliated studies in compliance with the Prime Minister’s Decree No. 211, a revision of regulations on national university establishment.

Feb. 1962
Closed the Department of the Science of Art in accordance with Article 3 of the Special Regulation for Education No. 708 and the Cabinet Ordinance for School Revision No. 283. 

Feb. 1, 1963
Relocated to the Department of Veterinary Medicine building at 128 Yeongeon-dong Jongno-gu in compliance with the relocation plan of the SNU main administration building.


Sep. 1, 1972
Relocated to the Division of General Education building at 78 Hagye-dong Seongbuk-gu as a transitional measure to restructure Seoul National University.

Feb. 28, 1976
Moved on to the Kwanak Campus as part of the overall SNU restructuring plan, becoming a fully accredited college of the university.

May. 1, 1981
Restructured the system of Painting, Sculpture, and Applied Arts Departments into the five departments of Oriental Painting, Western Painting, Sculpture, Craft, and Visual & Industrial Art.

Oct. 2, 1985
Established the Visual Arts Institute in compliance with the rule No. 650.


Feb. 28, 1989
Renamed the Department of Visual & Industrial Art as the Department of Visual Communication & Industrial Design.

May. 25, 1999
Integrated the Department of Craft and the Department of Visual Communication & Industrial Design into the Faculty of Crafts Design.

May. 1, 2004
Founded the Doctor of Fine Arts courses in the Department of Design and College of Fine Arts.
Restructured the system of Department of Design into the two departments of Crafts and Design.
Established Interdisciplinary Program – Media Arts.

Sep. 1, 2009
Established Interdisciplinary Program - Integrated Creative Design, Arts management.

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