IDCC(International Design Culture Conference) 2018

The theme of the yearly conference hosted by the Design Department was “Design in the Expanded Field.” The premise of the conference theme addressed the current context of design which as a practice is expanding beyond its traditional boundaries of adding-value to products for the market. Today, design is a keyword used to describe a way of reasoning, a problem defining activity to make sense of things, to create meaning, and most importantly in a world facing complex and emergent problems, to create future contexts, future artefacts and spaces, and future forms of communication.

The keynote address was given by world-renown Tokyo-based architect, Takahara Tezuka, the invited lecture by Oxford University scholar on philosophy and ethics in technology, James Wilson Williams, who addressed the issue of digital addiction, and five short lectures by local design practioners who are doing things their own way:  Prof. Lee Jang Sub (SNU) and Kim Kyung Chul (Everyday Practice), Gio Kisang (Fenomeno), Choi Tae Hong (Hyundai Motors), and Frankie Ratford (The Design Kids), a graphic designer who inspired us to be active in defining our professional lives. The conference was organized by Prof. Annie Pedret and the members of the Spatial Strategies Lab.


Conference Title : IDCC(International Design Culture Conference) 2018

Date: 2018. 10. 30.

Vanue: Auditorium, 74dong, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-Gu, Seoul 08826

Supervised by : Annie Pedret

Participant : 공간전략연구실 소속 대학원생들(이재호, Fatemeh, Fernando)와 Jasmine(손지민) 등