Visual Art Institute

Visual Arts Institute

As a research institution of fine arts, crafts and design fields, the Visual Arts Institute promotes and supports many activities such as academic research, and exhibition design as well. In order to support academic research, Visual Arts Institute has its branch, Korea Art Research Center, and also annually invites Korea and international scholars for hosting symposiums and publishes a journal FORM_ARCHIVES as a result of the symposium. 

Moreover, the Visual Arts Institute is dealing with a record keeping project within the College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, as one of its long-term key projects. In addition to this, the Visual Arts Institute is planning to publish Korean Art Series and 70 Years History of Korean Colleges of Arts. 

In supporting art practices, we provide new communication channels for plastic art through domestic and international exhibitions of our own, and also aim for international cultural exchange. 

Lastly, the Visual Art Institute is contributing to the growth and development of plastic art culture via forums such as exhibition plan contests to small-scale exhibition support.