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70 years of Fine Arts

1. Establishment of Seoul National University of Fine Arts 1) Born as the first art educational institution in Korea On October 15, 1946, the College of Fine Arts was established as the art department of the College of Arts when Seoul National University was opened as nine colleges and one graduate school. This led to […]


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Interdisciplinary Program in Art Education 207-2, 9-dong, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-748 Republic of Korea Tel: +82-2-880-9052, Fax: +82-2-882-0710


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Program in Fine Arts Education Program in Fine Arts Education Code Subject C-L-E 704.521 미술교육연구 3-3-0 704.522A 미술교육과 비평이론 Critical Theory in Art Education 3-3-0 704.523A 한국의 시각문화와 미술교육Korean Visual Culture and Art Education 3-3-0 704.524 Studies in Contemporary Arts Education 3-3-0 704.525 Studies in Art Education for Children 3-3-0 704.528 Seminar in Art Therapy […]


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Fine Arts Education as an academic discipline exists in order to seek ways of effective delivery of the defining domain ‘art’ to its leaners. As an interdisciplinary program, Fine Arts Education consists of broad domains of not only a series of academic researches of media, institute, curriculum and evaluation, but also social education aimed at […]


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Art Management Program 211, 50-dong, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-748 Republic of Korea tel: +82-2-880-7472


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Master’s Course Doctoral Course Code Subject Credits 614.501 Introduction to Art Administration 614.502 Management Strategy for the Arts 614.503 Principles of Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations 614.504 Financial Management for Non-Profit Organizations 614.506A Personnel Management for Non-Profit Organizations 614.507A Marketing Management for Non-Profit Organizations 614.508 Seminar in Arts Administration 614.509A Development and Fund Raising for Arts […]


미술경영전공 영문

Arts Management Founded in year 2009, Seoul National University’s Arts Management MFA a PhD program is jointly managed by the College of Fine Arts, College of Humanities, College of Business, Graduate School of Public Administration, and College of Law. Our program aims to educate its students on emerging research areas in today’s art scene through […]


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2018년 기준 참여학과(부): 미술대학 디자인학부(주관)경영대학 경영학과, 공과대학 기계항공공학부, 컴퓨터공학부, 산업공학과, 건축학과, 전기·정보공학부, 생활과학대학 소비자아동학부, 의류학과, 사회과학대학 심리학과 통합창의디자인 필수 교과목 통합창의디자인 필수 교과목 Department Course Number Course Cred. Semester Intergrated Creative Desgin M1775.000200 (611.301)* Intergrated Creative Desgin Seminar (통합개발스튜디오1동일대체과목) 3 1 M1775.000300 (611.302)* 통합창의디자인실습 (통합창의디자인프로젝트 대체과목) 3 2 M1775.000100* Integrated Creative Design Project (통합창의디자인스튜디오 대체과목) […]


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Integrated Creative Design The Integrated Creative Design program seeks to train creative human resources with integrated problem solving ability through multi-disciplinary fusion education in the field of design; the core of future knowledge- intensive higher value-added areas. Established in 2009, the Integrated Creative Design program is currently co-run by the Department of Design College of […]


영상매체 교과과정 영문

Recommended Tracks for Undergraduate Major Program In Media Art Curriculum YEAR 1st Semester 2nd Semester Sophomore 613.253 Visual Arts and Science 613.254 Basic Practice of Digital Media 613.305 Drawing and Media 613.201 Basic Media Programmin 613.202A Video Media Art Basic Practice 613.251A Basic for Electronic Media Practice 613.255 Understanding of media art Junior 613.301 Video […]


영상매체예술 영문

The Media Art major seeks to train individual artists and expert human resources in the field of varied media art and new media in parallel with the expansion of today’s visual media art arena. We heighten students’ creativity and expression skills with basic practice education courses dealing with various media in our basic program. We […]


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Along with the advent of a knowledge-based information society, the role of design which conventionally had been limited to the production of plastic activities, has expanded its spectrum ranging from dealing with everyday lives to the production of interdisplinary theories, histo-cultural discourses and criticism. So as to respond to this change of circumstances and to […]


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