• Park, Young-mog

  • Product Design, User Interface Design
  • cafe.naver.com/parkdesignlab
  • Education
    • 2004 Ph.D Candidate, Dept. of philosophy in Confusianism, Sungkyunkwan University, Korea
    • 1994 MA. Constructive Art, University of Tsukuba, Japan
    • 1985 BA. Dept. of applied arts, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University, Korea
  • Career
    • 2014
      – Concept Design for Electric Vehicle Interior, Hyundai Kia Motors
      – Health & Wellbeing in Car 2020, Renault Samsung Motors
      – Study of new genertaion hand held mobile device, Samsung Electronics
    • 2013
      – Virtual Personal Assistant, Renault Samsung Motors
      – Concept study of new genertaion hand held mobile device, Samsung Electronics
    • 2011
      – ICT Device Accessory Design and Development, SK Networks
      – User Experience for Cars in 2020, Renault Samsung Motors
    • 2010 Fluidic Driving Interactive System, Hyundai Kia Motors
    • 2007
      – Interaction between Physical and Digital worlds, Hyundai Kia Motors
      – Design Master Plan for Symbol of Seoul, Seoul
      – Design the visual construction of Gangnam-daero (Master Planner), Seoul
    • 2005 Plan for developing Seoul City information Signage for Pedesterians and its construction document, Seoul
  • Achievements

    Publication Book

    • 2013
      – Dawn of the Korean Design : Kim Choung Za, Visual Arts Institute (SNU)
      – Dawn of the Korean Design : Min Cheol Hong, Visual Arts Institute (SNU)
      – Dawn of the Korean Design : Bu Soo Eon, Visual Arts Institute (SNU)
    • 2007- User Interface, Automobile, KDRI
      – Package of the Future, KDRI



    • Practical Method of Extracting and Visualizing a User`s Mental Model for Interaction Development, Korea Society of Basic Design and Art
    • A Study on the Archaeological Approach in Korean Traditional Space Design, Korean Institute of Interior Desgin
    • A specific character and structure of human nature in Confucian, Korean Society of Emotion and Sensibility



    • 2010
      – User Interface Design based on a Machine Model, Korean Society of Design Science
      – Analysis of Human Communication Based on Internet and Mobile Network Technology, Korean Society of Design Science
      – Development of Research Method for Digital Communication Efficiency, Korean Society of Design Science
    • 2009
      – A study on need of Dynamic Information Architecture of user interface, Korean Society of Design Science
      – Human Centered Network Usage and Future Management, IASDR
      – Development of Color (Light) System Using the Theory of Mathematics and Logics from the Book of Changes, IASDR
    • 2008 Interaction System of Interface for Passenger Car, Korean Society of Design Science
    • 2005
      – What Designers Should Do for the Globalization of Hallyu, Korean Society of Design Science
      – Identity on Confucianism’s Point of View, IDCC



    • 2009
      – Universe of drawing, Drawings around the world, MoA (SNU) (Group exhibition)
      – Color and I-Ching, Samwon Hall Seoul National University (Solo exhibition)