Milano Design Week 2018 Participation

Our University’s Design Major BFA and MFA students (total of 17 students) participated in this spring’s Furniture Design Fair, Milano Design Week 2018 with the guidance of Industrial Design Professor, Jung Eui Chul, Jang Sung Yun. The students were able to introduce their works in the Salon de Satelite, a section for introducing young designer works, showing their reinterpretation of traditional and modern beauty in furniture and tableware. This year marks the 2nd participation to Milano’s Design Week. Moreover, we hope our students to have more opportunities to present their design capability and exchange with International Designers as well as other Design Major students from Universities from other countries.



Rho Fiera Milano, Italy2018-04-17 ~ 2018-04-22 written by ICRC
October 23, 2018