Mind the Gap: Designing for Awareness Project

The topic given to Prof. Pedret’s team was how to improve life for the international students at SNU.The team took a wider view to address the problem of internationals in Korea in general. Their approach was to examine the reactions, emotions and perceptions that people in general have when facing an unfamiliar “other.”The team’s project was to design for increasing the awareness of the gap in world views between Koreans and internationals.Their team won the “Most Liked” award out of the six proposals developed in the 5-day workshop.

Conference Title :Asian Smart Living International School Workshop

Date: 2018. 8. 29.- 9. 2.

Venue : Seoul National University

발표내용:How to improve life for the international students at SNU

Seoul National University Bldg 49 Design Research Center 2018-11-08 ~ 2018-11-10 written by ICRC
December 31, 2018