[Bachelor/Admission/Graduate] Notice for International Admissions(Undergraduate, Graduate), Spring 2020(portfolio submission, performance test, interview, etc.)

Applicants for International admissions, spring 2020 must check below carefully and complete your application.

1. Performance test & Interview for Undergraduate international admission, Spring 2020
※ Date of performance test & InterviewThursday 5th Sep, 2019
※ Examinee: Selected examinees among the applicants of Undergraduate International Admission I & II
– Selected examinees should take both performance test & Interview on designated date above for undergarduate international admissions, Spring 2020.
– Detailed Schedule & Preparation will be announced to selected examinees by E-mail address and Notice board of SNU ART webpage  later(about a week before performance test & interview).
– Announcement email will be only sent to selected examinees. Applicants who do not receive an e-mail are not allowed to take performance test & Interview.


2. Interview for Graduate international admission, Spring 2020
– Selected examinees should take an interview for graduate international admissions, Spring 2020.
– Detailed Schedule & method for interview(offline interview or online interview) will be announced to selected examiness by E-mail address later.


3. Portfolio submission guideline for International admissions, Spring 2020(Undergraduate, Graduate)
– Please prepare your portfolio according to the attached portfolio submission guideline.
– Please send 2 USB memories containing the same portfolio file on each of USB memories to Office of Admissions by post or visit, within the designated deadline(Currently in admission guidebook, it is stated that ‘please upload the portfolio file as a part of no.14 Supplementary Material and send 2 USB memories containing the same file by post or visit.’ But due to uploading limitation of application webpage, it’s unable to upload maximum 800MB of portfolio file. In this regard, please only submit 2 USB memories containing the same portfolio file on each of USB memories to Office of Admissions by post or visit within the designated deadline, without uploading the portfolio file at the application webpage).
– Portfolio submission period for Undergraduate: July 1st (Mon), 2019 ~ 18:00, July 19th (Fri), 2019
– Portfolio submission period for Graduate: July 24th (Wed), 2019 ~ 18:00, August 14th (Wed), 2019
– You should fill in attached Pledge form and submit the original as well as USB Portfolio.
– You do not need to send the original artworks.


4. Other notices
※ Above schedule may be changed due to circumstances of the college.
※ Contact: TEL) +82-2-880-7454, E-MAIL)
국문 안내 페이지: (클릭하시면 국문 안내 페이지로 넘어갑니다.)


<The attached>
2020학년도 전기 글로벌인재특별전형 포트폴리오 제출 안내 및 서약서.hwp(Click!)
2020학년도 전기 글로벌인재특별전형 포트폴리오 제출 안내 및 서약서.pdf(Click!)
Portfolio Submission Guideline & Pledge form_Spring 2020.hwp(Click!)
Portfolio Submission Guideline & Pledge form_Spring 2020.pdf(Click!)

written by Art
June 13, 2019