[Admission] Notice of On-line Interview, 2020 Fall International Admissions for Undergraduate

1. Announcement to Examinee for On-line Interview
– E-mail notice has been sent only to the examinee’s private e-mail on April 2nd (Thursday) 2020, who are required to take on-line interview for 2020 fall international admissions (undergraduate), College of Fine Arts in Seoul National University.
※ You must check whether you are the examinee for on-line interview or not. Applicants who did not receive an e-mail notice are not allowed to take interview.


2. Other notice
– Examinee will be disqualified from further admission process if examinee is absent from on-line interview.
– If you have any inquiry, please contact administrative office at College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University(TEL: +82-2-880-6883, EMAIL:


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written by Art
April 2, 2020