SNU College of Fine Art – BFA, MFA, and DFA Exhibition

The graduation exhibitions of the degree candidates from each Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate programs are being held at various locations from December 3 through December 27, 2020. In prevention to the spread of COVID-19, opening ceremony is not scheduled for any of exhibitions. The locations and the period is as below:

Degree Programs Exhibition Period Locations
BFA Painting 2020.12.03.(Th)~12.06.(Sun) The College of Fine Art

(Bldg.# 49, 50, 51, 74)

Oriental Painting 2020.12.10.(Thu)~12.13.(Sun)
Sculpture,Craft, Media Arts 2020.12.22.(Tue)~12.27.(Sun)
Design 2020.12.07.(Mon)~12.13.(Sun)


Painting, Oriental Painting, Design 2020.12.03.(Thu)~12.13.(Sun) SNU MoA Exhibition Hall 1~4
Sculpture, Craft 2020.12.17.(Thu)~12.27.(Sun)