Space Design Lab Hosted an Workshop on Design Using Powerglass with a German Company Peter Platz

Space Design(Prof. Jungwoo Chae)lab visited Power Glass company ‘PETER PLATZ’ in May 20, 2019 and had a workshop. They discussed about the possibility of miniaturization of power supply parts in powerglass, ways to manufacture it into a curved surface, degree of technological advancement related to the brightness and density(resolution) of LED elements and a new design plan using the facts listed above. In addition to the transparency and function as meida of powerglass, when used by overlapping with other layers, it was confirmed that light diffusion and pattern are controllable and powerglass can be applied to both flat and curved surfaces. Experiments using various standards of power glass and diffusion plates were also conducted. Eunjung Yoo(Ph.D. Researcher), Hyekyung Lee, Daeho Jeong (Master’s students), and Yoonsoo Choi, Junlong Han(Bachelor’s students) participated.

Peter Platz(Wiehl, Germany)2019-05-20 ~ 2019-05-20 written by ICRC
January 28, 2021