Space Design Lab Proposed a Research Project ‘2020 CES Hyundai Motor Pavilion’

Space Design(Prof. Jungwoo Chae)lab announced a research project ‘2020 CES Hyundai Motor Pavilion Proposal’ through Hyundai Motor Innocean on July 1, 2019. Under the theme of ‘Freedom in Mobility’, future city problems and alternatives proposed by Hyundai Motor Company are expressed. They designed a slope space with a vertical sequence so that one can experience the current demands of the mobility industry and the future of 2040 in chronological order. Through this, they proposed a customer ‘leaving a journey’ experience and the program was composed of a projection mapping space using PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) and an immersive hologram space using a reflector inclined at 45 degrees. Eunjung Yoo(Ph.D. Researcher), Hyekyung Lee, Joonhoo Yang (Master’s students), and Junlong Han(Bachelor’s students) participated.


Hyundai Motor Group Innocean2019-07-01 ~ 2019-07-01 written by ICRC
January 28, 2021