《Shrine of Wicked Gods 》 Epic Games Lumen Challenge Award

Choe Ireh (advisor: Suzung Kim), a master’s program in Visual Design, Seoul National University School of Design, won 3rd place in the Epic Games Lumen Challenge Contest on August 17th with ‘The Altar of Evil God’.

The Lumen Challenge, held by Epic Games Korea, is a contest to create a unique environment using Lumen of Unreal Engine 5, which is newly testing alpha. Lumen is a technology that makes real-time globular illumination possible with ray tracing possible at the software level. With Lumen in Unreal Engine 5, multi-colored light sources are blended between Nanite meshes creating incredibly beautiful scenes, which is not possible with other real-time rendering 3D engines. Check the video for more details at

2021-08-17 written by ICRC
August 17, 2022