2018 Woosuk Gallery Invited Curator Exhibition
(Invited Curator : Gwanhoon Lee, Project Space Sarubia Ceo)

Participants : Kang Hyejung, Kim, Youngmi, Son Jimin, Park Sunho, Lee Yeseul, Lee Yoorim, Lee Jungyeon, Han Sol
Sponsored by : Seoul National University Visual Art Institute

Seoul National University Fine Arts Woosuk Gallery (directed by Prof. Inhwan Oh) has been working on Invited Curator Exhibitions which invite Curators who are active in the field to collaborate with Seoul National University students. For this year 2018, Project Space Serubia located in Jongro, CEO, Curator Gwanghoon Lee has been invited. Curator Gwanghoon Lee has examined and selected 8 Fine Arts MFA Students (2 Oriental Painting Students, 3 Painting Students, 2 Sculpture Students, 1 Design Student) to participate in <Groundwork of Space between Lines> from September 7 to 22, 2018 in Woosuk Gallery.

On the last day of the exhibition, a workshop in which Independent Curator Somi Shim and Critic Eunjoo Lee were able to meet the participants and have deep discussions. The students introduced their works and were able to listen and discuss with experts who diversely analyze and share their opinions about the students’ works.

For this exhibition, students were able to work on their pieces and have opportunities to present and know the process in working in the field itself.

Seoul National University Art Research Center (Bldg 74) 2nd Floor Woosuk Gallery2018-09-07 ~ 2018-09-22 written by ICRC
December 31, 2018