A paper on the relationship between data characteristics of ‘user tracking record’ and user experience factors Published in Archives of Design Research No. 139 (scheduled) FacebookTwitterCopy Link나누기

Seoul National University School of Design, Department of Industrial Design, Lee Jooyeon (advisor: Jung Eui Chul) has published a thesis, 「Examination of the relationship between ‘user tracking record’ data characteristics and user experience factors for data-based product service system design.」 in Archives of Design Research Issue 139 in August 2021.

This paper aims to examine the impact of personal tracking records on the lives of users whose daily lives are becoming data. Through systematic thesis review, content characteristics of data (self-tracking records) and types of factors of user experience were classified, and the relationship between data content characteristics and user experience was explained.

The research was evaluated as a study that can make meaningful suggestions from the perspective of data and user interaction for the experience that we want to pursue in future data-based products/services.

2021-08-01 written by ICRC
August 1, 2021