Dean’s Message

Dean, College of Fine Arts,
Seoul National University
Jung, Eui Chul

Welcome to Seoul National University’s College of Fine Arts.

Our College of Fine Arts, which was established in 1946, has gone on to become a prestigious pioneer of creativity in South Korea, producing many industry leaders in the arts, design education, and many other creative fields. To this end, there has been a constant effort to provide the best possible education to nurture creatives as they excel in their fields, adapting to the ever changing times.

With ‘communication’ and ‘creativity’ being in ever-increasing demand in this modern era and a much needed foundation for the creative arts, we currently seek to nurture creatives who can gain insight into, communicate and solve various situations and problems faced by mankind amidst the rapid development of science and technology, as well as changes in the ecological and social environments.

To have ‘creativity’, one needs to have a keen sense and be able to ask questions without being bound by preexisting ideas. Questions based on a new perspective can also be seen as the beginning of art, and in order for art to be completed, a process of practice that does not stop at questions but seeks answers is paramount. This process not only requires considerable courage, trial and error, but also a deep exploration into human history, society and culture, as well as an understanding and experience of various materials.

The College of Fine Arts is one of many colleges at Seoul National University, along with various academic and artistic fields such as humanities, social studies, natural sciences, music, and engineering, which broaden the scope of that which students are exposed to, and thus expands and deepens students’ overall creative intellect. In this environment, the College of Fine Arts strives to provide students with creative skills, critical perspectives, and various opportunities for innovative attempts as creatives to help them reach their full potential.

Going forward, the College of Fine Arts will further develop its educational system and methods, promoting new convergence courses both offline and online, and expand its various educational programs. I ask for your continued interest and encouragement in our efforts to nurture the next generation of creatives as we continue to grow and develop.

Thank you.