College of Fine Arts

Pride of art education since 1946

The College of Fine Arts started in August 1946 as an art department at Seoul National University and has been showing high competition for admission. The College of Fine Arts became a leader in art and design industry and education in Korea.  

Creative leader in the field of plastic arts

Currently, the College of Fine Arts is pursuing a variety of art education programs aimed at educating people who will lead art industry and established visual media at undergraduate, art management and art education curriculum at graduate schools.

Cultivating world-class integrated art talents

The College of Fine Arts recently completed the Art Complex Research Center and has established a world class art education environment by securing Woosuk Gallery, art library, large auditorium, research facility and graduate school practical room.
Art Vision 2020

Global art talent education to create the world of future art by strengthening integrated, international and social cooperative education

College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University was first established in August 1946 as the Faculty of Art, College of Arts, Seoul National University. After several reorganizations of the structure, the College of Fine Arts now consists of the Department of Oriental Painting, Department of Painting, Department of Sculpture, and Faculty of Crafts and Design, which is subdivided into the Crafts and Design department respectively. Four-year undergraduate course and two-year master‟s courses and doctorate courses are provided for the aforementioned fields. In addition, the College also has cooperative majors in Media Arts and the Integrated Creative Design at the undergraduate school, and separately runs Art Management at the graduate-school.

Located at Seoul Nation University‟s Gwanak campus in Seoul, Sout h Korea, the College of Fine Arts is equipped with specialized facili ties such as a traditional kiln for ceramics, a traditional paper-maki ng studio, video editing studios, blacksmithing workshops, and a m ural studio, in addition to designated classrooms and studios for e ach major.

Additionally, there are research facilities such as a librar y and video archive. The Institute for Plastic Arts and Korean Desig n Industry Research Center not only carries out diverse research pr ojects, but is also contributing greatly to the advancement of plasti c arts through academic conventions, publication of academic jour nals, construction of archives, etc. Meanwhile, the Woosuk Hall gall ery, which was opened in 2005 at the 60th anniversary of the Colle ge of Fine Arts, is an exhibition space within the College. The galle ry encourages students to present their work to the public and cat ers to the cultural needs of University constituents, serving as a fiel d for diverse cultural exchange