Professional artists and designers, who will lead the visual culture of the world

College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University aims to rear professional artists and designers, who will lead the visual culture of Korea and the world, through theoretic and practical education in the field of plastic arts.

To this end, the College has focused on bringing up talented people, who can carry out creative work in concert with the changes in world art trends. Moreover, based on the cultivation of artistic expression ability, critical view, and righteous character, the College has worked to create an environment in which students of Oriental Painting, Painting, Sculpture, Craft and Design departments may carry out in-depth practice and research in their fields. Recently, by implementing an interdisciplinary curriculum throughout all majors, the College is supporting students so that they may acquire a broad scope of knowledge and skills, without being confined to their specialized areas of study.

The professionals educated at College of Fine Arts are in charge of education and administration at art colleges and art-related organizations throughout the country, as well as working actively as artists or designers in Korea and overseas. As it has reared numerous artists, who left cultural footprints in the contemporary history of Korea for the past several decades, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University will do its best to cultivate great human resources to lead the culture of the world in the future as well.