Art Management Program


Master’s Course

Doctoral Course
Code Subject Credits
614.501 Introduction to Art Administration
614.502 Management Strategy for the Arts
614.503 Principles of Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations
614.504 Financial Management for Non-Profit Organizations
614.506A Personnel Management for Non-Profit Organizations
614.507A Marketing Management for Non-Profit Organizations
614.508 Seminar in Arts Administration
614.509A Development and Fund Raising for Arts
614.510 Museum Operation
614.511 Public Arts Education
614.512 Practice in Organizing Exhibition
614.513A Arts Conservation
614.514 Public Policy and Arts
614.515A Seminar in Art and Law
614.516A Seminar in Art Market
614.517 Museum Internship
614.803 Master’s Essay
614.577 Aesthetics and Art Management
614.578 Seminar in Art Studies

Doctoral Course

Doctoral Course
Code Subject Credits
614.601A Management Strategy for International Art Markets
614.602 Design Management
614.603 Audience Development
614.604 Place Marketing: Policy on Museum and Tourism
614.605A Service Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations
614.606 Connoisseurship and Appraisal Studies
614.607 Seminar in Arts Planning
614.608A Law and the Art
614.609 Case Studies in Intellectual Property Contract of Art
614.610 Art Market Analysis
614.677 Seminar in Contemporary Art Criticism
614.206 Seminar in Art and Cultural Policy