Department of Crafts researches numerous contemporary objects and jewelry. Reflecting the virtues and experiences of contemporaries, our program is actively involved in the process of production and realization. Through this program, students experiment with the crafts’ cultural potential of today, transcending both tradition and contemporaneity.

To this end, our department places the goal of our education on encouraging an unique and progressive spirit towards the field of crafts. In the first year, students experience various plastic art practices, enabling them to acquire conative understanding and practice on plastic arts with a focus on developing individual and overall expression capability, thus enriching their experiences.

From sophomore to senior year, students are required to heighten their unique expression capability based on more experimental and creative ideas. Through this process, the Department of Crafts ultimately leads its students to recognize the zeal to the value of manual works, cultivates this faith, and aims to train creative craftspeople capable of actively coping with complex social structure and vast industrial growth.


Ceramics Major
  • Studios for each grade, equipped with personal work tables and shelves, clay extractor, clay mixer, electronic wheel and heating/cooling systems.
  • Product ceramic studio, equipped with vacuum blunger for plaster, drying system, plaster wheel, plaster level system, solid casting system and blunger.
  • Outdoor firewood kiln and kiln studio, equipped with various sizes of gas kilns, electronic control kilns and a traditional kiln.
  • Outdoor studio, equipped with poteumil, spray booth, glaze remover and glaze grinder.
  • Soil mulch removing lab, equipped with clay mixer and clay extractor.
  • Glazes lab, equipped with electronic scale and various equipments for experiments.
Metalwork and Jewelry Major
    • Metalwork studio for doctoral course.
    • Metalwork chemical Lab, equipped with electroforming and anodizing machine.
    • Metalwork studio for master course.
    • Metalwork studio for undergraduate course.
    • Metalwork workshop, equipped with laser welder, casting, and rolling mill.
    • Metal-forming workshop, equipped with TIG welder, MIG welder.
    • Blacksmithing workshop, equipped with forging machine.