Department of Design is organized into a four-year undergraduate program (BFA course), and two-year graduate programs (MFA course and DD Course).

Our educational objective is “to train creative designers of the 21st century” and “to become a global cradle for creating novel design value.” In the freshman program we place emphasis on experiencing appropriate usage of design tools and various plastic experiments that allows students to have active understanding and practice of their cultural meanings, and to develop individual and synthetic expression abilities which makes such experiences more valuable.

From sophomore to senior courses of both Industrial and Visual Communication Design, our department provides students various design educational experiences which make it possible to nurture and train well-rounded creativity, thinking skills, and professional performing ability for designers. Our program realizes each student’s potential in many professional design fields in which numerous design projects are being undertaken.

Two years of each MFA and DD courses are separated into Product & Space Design in Industrial design, Graphic & Media Design in Visual Communication Design, and Historical and Cultural Design Theory in Design Theory. Lastly, both MFA and DD courses of design are starting 2012.

SNU DESIGN POST (, a website at which the latest news is posted.



  • Mock-up Production using CNC machine and RP machine
  • UX Lab in which usability evaluation and interview recordings are possible
  • Large size photo printer which covers up to A0 size banners
  • Computer room which allows more than 30 people to research with computers simultaneously
  • Large lecture room which is able to hold multi-media classes for around 100 people
  • Classrooms, equipped with 60 inches LED monitors or wired projectors
  • S&D Hall for design exhibitions, conferences and workshops
  • Every kind of digital equipment that can be rented to students