The goal of the Department of Painting is to develop unique artistic qualities and train professionals in the area as an artist, the department is organized into a four-year undergraduate program and two-year programs for MFA and DFA course.

For first-year students, the department offers foundation courses in both practice and theory in diverse areas, fostering the opportunity to understand the structure and meaning of the visual arts. After sophomore year, students are given advanced courses that explore mixed media possibilities and develop his or her own body of work. The department also stresses the integration of studio works with historical and theoretical aspects of the visual arts. The integrated study of artistic practice and critical theory allows for an environment in which students gain a deeper understanding of the arts today.

Through the program, students can establish an analytical and aesthetic foundation for making, doing, and viewing contemporary visual art. The Graduate School program specializes in two separate fields: painting and printmaking. In the Department of Painting, through practical training and seminars, students understand the various discourses and criticisms raised in contemporary art and specify the direction of their individual work. Printmaking develops more professional experiment of various prints, combine and extend research, and prepare a framework of originative and developmental work.


  • Studio, lab, and classroom for undergraduate and graduate courses
  • All students in the undergraduate and graduate courses are provided individual workspace in the shared studios
  • Printmaking studios including presses, tables, other equipment for various printmaking techniques. a seprate acid room, a dark room
  • Media archive lab equipped with various tools for video filming and presentation
  • Media editing lab equipped with various tools for video editing and plentiful video references
  • Tools and video equipments to be rented for students, such as machine tools, digital camera, video projector, camcorder, and laptop.