Department of Sculpture is currently organized into a four-year undergraduate program (BFA course), and two-year graduate programs (MFA course and DFA Course).

Our department carries out systematic and balanced education by means of theoretical and practical approaches to several materials and their physicality of which sculpture is consisted in order to train students’ expression ability in plastic art heightening our culture’s own property. In order to achieve this, during the initial course of freshman year, students are required to understand plastic arts theory on cubic and spatial notions, as well as develop their expression abilities, which individually and synthetically apply these notions to their works.

Throughout the rest of the BFA course, students will be exposed to advanced themes with the goal of attaining unique expression abilities through more experimental and creative ways of thinking. Furthermore, the Department of Sculpture aims to train creative experts whom our society and nation demands through recommending its students’ various aesthetic research activities based on organic harmony of virtue of both tradition and contemporaneity, so that students are able to nurture individual artistic qualities.


  • Studios for each grade, equipped with personal work tables and heating/cooling systems
  • Stone working yard & outdoor sculpture workshop, equipped with a 4.5 ton hoist crane and electric forklift
  • Metal workshop with centralized gas welding system, TIG, MAG, SPOT and plasma cutter
  • Wood workshop with chain saws, multi-purpose wood machines, and radial-arm saw
  • Casting workshop with large, gas kiln, electric kiln, clay mixer, and de-airing machine
  • Around 60 types of 110 voltage tools and equipment for students¡¯ use
  • More than 30 video equipment sets for student use, including digital cameras, video projectors, camcorders, etc.