Design History & Cultural Studies Department produces its second Ph.D. graduate

Eliana Kim, who was enrolled in the Ph.D. program of Design History & Cultural Studies after graduating with her master’s in the same department, received her doctoral degree with the thesis, “The Design Coloniality of South Korea and Argentina – The History and Development of Governmental Design Promotion and Education during the 1950~70s” and graduated on August 28, 2020. With Kim’s graduation, the Department produced a second Ph.D.

graduate following Kang Hye-seung in 2019, whose doctoral thesis was “Characteristics of Modernization in Korean Housing Culture and Changes in the Representation of the Furniture.”

Date: 2020. 8. 28

Supervised by: Prof. Kim Min-Soo

Participants: Kim Eliana(doctor’s course), Kang Hye-sung(doctor’s course)

Presentation Details: Eliana Kim’s doctoral dissertation goes beyond the study of American- and European-centered design history by examining the establishment and development of the Korea Design Packaging Center (KDPC) and Argentina’s Industrial Design Research Centre (CIDI), the design promotion agencies led by the Korean and Argentine governments in the 1960s and 1970s, respectively. The research aimed to shed light on the two institutions’ characteristics obtained through social and historical backgrounds, introduction of foreign design concepts, and Western-centered design education under the name of “colonial design.”

2020-08-28 written by ICRC
August 28, 2020