Counseling Center

College of Fine Arts Counseling Center

MISO, the counseling center at the College of Fine Arts, has opened its door in July 2020 for the students’ mindfulness and well-adjustment to the school.
MISO offers therapy sessions and psychological assessments while providing a warm welcoming place for the students at the College of Fine Arts.


One professional psychological counselors are here for you.
– Major: Psychology
– Certificated Counselor by Korean Counseling Psychological Association

Counseling Program

ㅇ Therapy Session
We offer 1:1 professional therapy sessions for the students with any emotional issues encountering in personal lives or/and at the school including personalities, interpersonal conflicts, academics, and careers.
Each session will be operated for 50 mins, and the total number of sessions may vary under the agreement between the counselor and the student.

ㅇ Psychological Assessments
It is a tool providing a professional psychological guidance examining the personal psychological state.
The various assessment tests are to explore and to analyze the status of psychological health, personality, and the relationship.
Also, the assessments taken prior to the therapy allow the counselors to set the counselling direction and goals.


Eligibility: All students who are currently enrolled in the programs of the College of Fine Arts at Seoul National University (incl. students under leave of absents and researchers) (Students who have completed the course work or graduated students cannot be benefited)
How to use:
1. Request a session through email or Kakao Talk Channel
– Kakao Talk Channel: ‘서울대미소’
2. Schedule a session with the counselor (via email or Kakao)
3. Visit the counseling center (Student ID must be presented)
※ All sessions will be operated free of charge under an absolute confidentiality.

Operation Hour and Location
– Every Tuesdays, Wednesdays from 9:00-18:00
– Seoul National University – Art Complex Research Center (bldg. #74) Room 213
– Tel. +82-2-880-7520