Visual Art Institute

Visual Arts Institute

Designed to socially contribute to the general studies on art, craft, and design, Visual Arts Institute is Seoul National University’s only visual arts research institute. Since its establishment in 1985, Visual Arts Institute has contributed not only to the art field’s academic research activity but also to the visual art field’s history and theory research development through social contribution and exhibition projects.

ART & DESIGN Research Center

The Art and Design Research Center holds academic conferences and invites scholars from in and out of the country to promote discussion in culture and art field and contribute to the production of culture and arts contents.
The research outcomes are published in the academic journal <FORM_ARCHIVES> and exhibited. As the Research Center’s long-term focused project, Seoul National University College of Fine Arts Records Management Project launched in 2009 to retrace the history of Seoul National University College of Fine Arts, which shares the development of Korea’s modern and contemporary arts, utilizing the archives published by College of Fine Arts’ research center affiliated organization. The Research Center not only holds domestic and overseas exchange exhibitions to provide a place for international cultural exchange but also holds exhibition planning contests to support young artists and art planners.

SNU APP Center

Visual Arts Institute returns accumulated professional knowledge back to the society and participates public projects designed for people of all social stratum to communicate with the society. “Art for Public Practice” is the core value of the Institute and it aims to foster creative individuals and share art culture. Such value is fulfilled and is contributing to the development of culture and arts in local communities by developing and practicing art education programs and creating a novel communication channel for visual arts.