National Research Foundation 2021 Research Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences (Type B) Selection

Sim Yuri (advisor: Jung Eui Chul), majoring in Industrial Design, School of Design, Seoul National University, was selected for the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Professor (Type B) project hosted by the National Research Foundation of Korea in 2021.

The research is “a proposal for systematization of design thinking processes and tools through Guilford’s intelligent structural model theory”, and the research will be conducted for one year from September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021. The proposed study will be conducted with the purpose of proposing the possibility of systematizing the processes and tools used in design thinking by using Guilford’s intelligent structure model with the context and characteristics of design thinking.

Through this research proposal, it is possible to select various areas of creative thinking and prepare a basis for access and use through design thinking tools, and to secure systemic construction by proposing tools for areas of thinking that have not yet been developed. expect that This will be the basis for the long-term introduction, further diffusion, and development of design thinking methodologies that will be used in education or to implement innovative strategies of companies.

Institute: National Research Foundation of Korea

Date: 2021.09.01~2022.08.31

Advisor: Jung Eui Chul

Participant: Sim Yuri (Ph.D. program)

2021-09-01 ~ 2022-08-31 written by ICRC
September 1, 2021