[Bachelor/Admission] Pre-Notice of Performance test and Interview, 2024 Spring International Admissions for Undergraduate (College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University)

1. Announcement to Examinee for Performance test and Interview
– E-mail notice has been sent only to the examinee’s private e-mail on August 21st (Monday) 2023, who are required to take performance test and interview for 2024 spring international admissions (undergraduate), College of Fine Arts in Seoul National University.
※ You must check whether you are the examinee for performance test and interview or not. Applicants who did not receive an e-mail notice are not allowed to take test and interview.

2. Other notice
– Examinee will be disqualified from further admission process if examinee is absent from performance test and interview.
If you have any inquiry, please contact administrative office at College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University(TEL: +82-2-880-7454, EMAIL:

※ 국문 안내 페이지: (클릭하시면 국문 안내 페이지로 넘어갑니다.)

written by Art
August 21, 2023