Professor Kymn KyungSun held a Korean Society of Typography Conference, ‘Typography in the Digital Era’ T/SCHOOL.

Professor Kymn KyungSun (Chairperson of Korean Society of Typography) held the first T/SCHOOL organized by the Korean Society of Typography. The event was conducted online live streaming once a week from January 29 to February 26, 2021, for a total of four times. T/SCHOOL has the theme of ‘typography in the digital era’ for visual designers and designers engaged in various fields. Typography, which has been active mainly on paper, has become a venue for discourse on the experience and future when it has moved to the digital field in line with the trend of the times. Professionals who are being active on a digital basis talked about the typography patterns and various discoveries in web and mobile environments. The lecture consisted of four themes: ‘Font Design in Digital Environment’, ‘UX/UI Typography’, ‘Typography and Technology’, and ‘Typography on the Screen’, and each session ended with a tea time with speakers.

Name of conference: Korean Society of Typography

Date: DAY 1 1.29 / 14:00‒17:10

DAY 2 2.5 / 14:00‒17:10

DAY 3 2.19 / 14:00‒17:10

DAY 4 2.26 / 14:00‒17:10

Venue: Doosung Paper d*lounge

Supervised by: Kymn Kyungsun


Doosung Paper d*lounge2021-01-29 ~ 2021-02-26 written by ICRC
January 25, 2021