Professors Kyung-sun Kymn and Lee Jang-sub Present Brand Communication Research Results at the Naver Design Colloquium

Professors Kyung-sun Kymn and Jang-sub Lee participated as special session guest speakers at the Naver Design Colloquium, for the third year, and jointly presented their research outcomes on brand communication design in an industry-academic cooperation project, “Naver’s Project Flower” undertaken over the past year.

First, Professor Kymn gave an overview of the brand design and presented the branding process and its results concerning EKHON, a female fashion designer brand now selling in Naver’s platform “Shopping Window.” Professor Lee’s presentation then followed, exploring how Naver’s platform could allow independent brands to prosper on it based on his experience in the research process, and the branding case of Dapun Farm, a Food Window direct delivery brand. The event was attended by 600 design students and digital tech industry professionals. In addition to the special presentation session, there were other sessions, such as the sharing of design technology of Naver’s global services and Sangsoo Ahn’s font project.

Name of Event: 2019 Naver Design Colloquium

Date: 2019. 11. 29

Venue: Intercontinental Seoul Coex, Harmony Ballroom

Supervised by: Prof. Kyungsun Kymn, Prof. Lee, Jang-sub

Participants: Haewon Moon(doctor’s course), Yona Kang(MFA), Hyunsuh Jin(master’s course)

Presentation Contents: [Special Session] Brand Communication Design Study


Intercontinental Seoul Coex, Harmony Ballroom2019-11-29 written by ICRC
November 29, 2019