Thesis on Analysis of product cases with movement to form emotional relationships, Published in Archives of Design Research

“Analysis of product cases in which movement is applied to form emotional relationships using a physical movement component analysis model” by Professor Jung Eui Chul and Jeon Yu-na (master’s program in industrial design) has published in the Scopus Journal Archives of Design Research (ADR 140 Vol.34, No.4) by the Korean Society of Design Society.

In this paper, a motion analysis model with different interpretations and terms mixed according to the researcher’s point of view was newly proposed. In addition, existing movement-emotional related research focuses on anthropomorphic robots that imitate human shapes and behaviors, recognizing that it is difficult to apply to commercial products such as robot vacuum cleaners. Actual product cases where this was applied were analyzed by using the proposed analysis model to form product sensibility. It was expected that this would serve as a basis for a study explaining the relationship between movement components and product emotion expression.

In addition, it was evaluated that the key contribution of this thesis was to view movement that could only be interpreted as a design element as a design element, and to apply and analyze it to commercial products that are actually used through a meaningful movement component analysis model proposal.

written by ICRC
September 29, 2021