x is x and not x at the same time
College of Fine Arts Exhibition

Welcome to the 2019 Art Week Woo Seok Gallery Exhibition.

This is an exhibition planned by art college students of various majors, highlighting their experiences in everyday gaps, inconsistencies and contradictions.

Subject: x is x and not x at the same time

Date and Time : 2019. 9. 23(Mon) ~ 10. 4(Fri), 10:00~18:00 * 9. 29(Sun) Gallery Closed

Place: Wooseok Gallery, Art Research Center (bldg.74)

Participating Artists: Kim Young-mi (Sculpture), Mun Ye-rang (Sculpture), Seol Go-eun (Western Painting), Oh Se-rin (Metalwork Crafts), Lee Kyung-ju (Western Painting), Lee Moon-young (Oritental painting), and Lee Ye-won (Oriental Painting)

Curator: Choi Sol-gu (Art Management)

Crick: Kim Na-hyung (Director of thisweekendroom), Yang Hyo-sil (Art scholar, Art critic)

※ There is no special opening, but we will welcome you with a simple refreshment from 18:00 to 19:00 on September 23rd (Mon).

※ As a linked performance to the exhibition, Lee Ye-won’s “Cooking Class” will be held at 3 p.m. in the exhibition hall of Wooseok Gallery. (insta: Apply to @yewonzang | Application open to 5 people : first-come, first-serve)


74동 예술복합연구동 우석갤러리2019-09-23 ~ 2019-10-04 written by ICRC
September 19, 2019